A Tested Blueprint For A Serviced Accommodation Business

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starting out to a tested blueprint for your serviced accommodation business

A Tested Blueprint For Your Serviced Accommodation Business

When Amanda and I gave our jobs up and pushed into the property sector full time, we didn’t have a big pot of cash neither did we really know what we were doing.

But what we did know was that we wanted the freedom to live where we wanted and the flexibility to work when we wanted. We loved property and we recognised that property was a great vehicle to achieve our ambitions.

The Blueprint For Success

So let me share a potted summary of how we started…

We kicked off property sourcing and building a portfolio of lease option properties that we tenanted. However we then learned about flipping deals and then started to flip them to investors for chunks of money.

This was fantastic because we were landing chunks of £5k to enable us to keep building the proper-ty business and find keeping the properties we wanted as keepers.

But then we heard about this thing called Serviced Accommodation and about the potential cash-flow on these short term bookings. This really excited us and so we tried it with three of our own apartments.

Fast forward to now and we have four property businesses, 32 of our own Serviced Accommodation properties, a portfolio of single let properties, a property management company, and a property sourcing business. We have staff in the UK, Canada, Montenegro, and India.

The Importance Of Having a Plan

It sounds great but this wasn’t all that easy for us if the truth be known. It wasn’t easy because we didn’t have a plan. Starting businesses, moving into new strategies without guidance, and making mistakes every step along the way, made life very tough for Amanda and I. If the truth be known it took us too long to get here.

The good news is that we are where we want to be now. Four good property businesses, with good systems and good staff. We live on a farm in the countryside with our kids and animals and we live life on our terms.

….but it took took long to get here. That was because we didn’t have a plan. Simple as that.

Developing Your Own Plan

What Amanda and I have done is to formulate our journey and businesses. We share this with our mentees who ultimately want an exiting business and live a fabulous life from where they want to live it without making the mistakes we did.

Our Inner Circle members are now running successful businesses with three months of starting with us. If you follow us on Facebook then you will see this.

On Saturday 7 September 2019 Amanda and I are holding a one day event in London Heathrow to demonstrate this system and give teachings on how delegates can apply what we teach when they leave the room.

All you need to do is register for the event by enquiring using the form below and show up. Amanda and I hope to see you on the day.

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