How Do I Get Direct Bookings For My Serviced Accommodation?

by | Jul 10, 2020 | All Articles | 0 comments

You can get direct bookings that mean no commissions to pay! It’s all too easy to list your brand new property on the largest online travel agents (OTAs) and let them bring you the guests and the bookings. We know, it is exhausting and after all the OTAs spend billions of dollars on digital marketing so you can’t possibly compete with them, right? Yes you can!

Pay less commission to the OTAs

You have a choice, you can either pay 15% or more commission to the OTA, or spend that money on sourcing your own direct bookings but at the same time increase your digital presence on the internet so that other guests can easily find you. Direct bookings mean no commission to pay, and that will make a huge difference to your profits.

Target your ideal guest through content

As you increase your digital presence, you can ‘talk’ to your ideal guest. Do you really want the guests that the OTAs send you to stay in your serviced accommodation? Or would you like to welcome and host the guests that you would really really like to stay, and return, again and again?

What about SEO to get some direct bookings?

Search engine optimisation is surprisingly easy, once you know how. As you create content to attract your ideal guest, you can also use SEO to improve the ranking of your direct booking website. Improving the ranking of your site means that it makes it easier for your ideal guest to find you, and book with you, and also easier for them to find you again, and book with you again.

Improve social media presence

As well as improving your website and making it searchable on the internet in general, there is great opportunity to use the same content on social media. Social media platforms are designed to attract and retain users, so selling through social media is becoming more and more important for any business, including yours.

But I don’t have time to create content!

If you have time to run a business, you have time to create content, because the more content that you create will lead to better quality guests who take up less of your time sorting out issues and complaints. It’’s a no brainer. You will be sending your time somewhere, so isn’t it better spent on what improves your business and increases your profits?

Next steps to start getting more direct bookings

If you would like to know more about creating great compelling content that guests will love, and will use to decide to book with you, and to save you time and increase your profits then please take a look at our Direct Booking Booster online home study course.