On Saturday at our event in Heathrow I touched on why property investors and serviced accommodation operators would possibly spend £thousands on sourcing fees when they can easily learn how to source themselves.

To me that is a no brainer. At the moment we have 32 Serviced Accommodation properties of our own and 15 properties under Lease Option on ASTs.

I’d suggest that average sourcing fee on these would have been £5000 each. That would have been a crazy £235,000 on just sourcing fees….

….who can afford that when starting out on their journey??

We teach people how to source their own units whether that is Lease Option, Exchange Delayed Completion, R2R, or R2SA.

Whether you come to me and learn, or your go to someone else who is proven as reputable, surely its a no brainer to learn yourself.

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for life.

When we take on a property we look at each case in respect of how we will make money from it…

  1. Will it go into the Services Accommodation business?
  2. Is it suitable for HMO?
  3. Will it be a single let?
  4. Could it be a Tenant Buyer?

But here is the really cool thing….

If you don’t want it then just package the deal and flip it on to an investor.

As a serviced accommodation operator and property investor I need properties for my business. Obvious isn’t it…

But why not flip what you don’t want for chunks of money?

This is the sort of thing we teach. If you are looking for all of this stuff then get yourself into our Facebook group and start learning now…


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