How Do I Attract My Ideal Guest Type?

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For any hospitality owner, there will come a time, usually after a particularly hard booking or complaint, where you will begin to wonder how you can attract the ideal guests for your property. There is nothing more miserable than hosting unhappy guests, and nothing more miserable for guests than paying a significant amount of money but finding out too late that the accommodation is not what they expected. Find out how to work out who your ideal guests are.

Who is your ideal guest?

Be honest with yourself, because this is important. Do you want low touch guests who don’t need much attention and are fairly self-sufficient? Or do you like having high touch guests who enjoy interacting with their host and need extra attention to make their stay enjoyable?

Maybe you like the variety of short leisure breaks or perhaps you prefer the more steady longer-term contractor bookings?

Perhaps you have already had your ideal guest and you would like more of them. If so, picture them in your mind, grab paper and pen, and start writing down your ideal guest profile.

  • What is their name?
  • What age are they?
  • Who are they travelling with?
  • Are they likely to want a return visit in the future?
  • How long are they likely to stay?

Go through every aspect of your ideal guest in detail, because even allocating a name to them is to personalise them and make you think deeply about who they are, and what they want and need.

Is my property perfect for my ideal guest?

With your ideal guest in mind, take an objective view of your property and ask if you have the right property type for their needs.

Is there enough:

  • Beds and bedrooms?
  • Indoor space?
  • Outdoor space?
  • Cooking equipment?

It may even be that you have to reconsider who your ideal guest is based on what type or standard of property you are offering to them.

Is the property in the right location?

You may have the perfect property for your guest but is your property in the right location for what they actually need? How far away are you from the restaurants, attractions and shopping amenities that they may need? 

You will also need to consider what outside space your ideal guest may appreciate. This could cover:

  • Parking
  • Gardens to sit or play in
  • An outside smoking area
  • CCTV
  • Security lighting


So how do I market for my ideal guest then?

Now that you have considered who your guest is, exactly who your guest is, it’s going to be much easier to write your listings with your guest in mind. By writing for your guest the right guests will be drawn to your listing because your listing will be talking their language and showing them that you have everything that they need for a perfect stay.

As we already know, images are more powerful and compelling than the written word, so ensure that your photos reflect your property’s attractive features accurately. If you are able to add video, do so!

Repelling those wrong guests through positive marketing

The flip side of this is that by writing to and for your ideal guests on your Airbnb or Booking listings you will also be repelling your wrong guest. Wrong guests will read your listing or look at your photos and decide that the property is not for them after all. This is a good thing! Nobody wants to stay in an unsuitable property and nobody wants to host an unhappy guest. If the guest didn’t do their due diligence properly, then at least nobody can blame you for not being accurate and considerate in your listing descriptions.

A happy guest is a happy life!

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