How Do I Manage My Social Media Content?

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Managing social media content is a huge concern in a busy world. The absolute last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time creating tons of content, and then throw it around the internet. Have you ever tried throwing confetti during a windy day? Did any of that confetti go where you wanted it to go? Probably not.

Social media content only works if you post with purpose, whilst following a considered and planned strategy. Content doesn’t work if you make a deadly mistake, therefore ruining all the time and effort you spent creating it.

Social Media Management Platforms

Several years ago people began to wonder if perhaps there was a quicker way of posting content around the internet. Third party websites started to offer a solution. They would manage your content, and once integrated, they would share your scheduled content to your social media accounts. Create the content once, schedule it, then sit back and watch the content publish across your accounts. Problem solved!

Third-party platforms include:

This scheduling solution worked back then, but not now. Social media platforms realised that supporting third party applications meant that people were logging in less, therefore engagement was down. Consequently, social media platforms started to penalise content posted by these social media management platforms. All that work creating just to be penalised!

Sharing Your Social Media Content

So, what is the solution? The secret to a successful social media content strategy is to stay native. Use the scheduling tools available on each social media platform. Create content in bulk, and then schedule it so that you get a consistent and regular supply for your readers.

Consistency is key. It’s more effective to post one piece of content per day for a week than post several pieces of content in a day and then nothing for a week. To get more bang for your buck consider where to post if your time is short.

Some platforms get more exposure than others so know your platforms. Also, where you post on a platform can have a huge effect on your views, and thus your likes and comments.

Time Saving Content Creation

Social media content can take hours and hours of your time if you don’t approach it properly. Batch it! Don’t just produce content for the next few days, instead spend a whole day creating content for the next month. Then schedule it to drip feed on each social media platform that you are going to dominate. It is recommended to master one or two platforms, rather than take a stab at all of them.

Remember though, schedule natively. You can also check the analytics on your account to see when your viewers are around so you can schedule for those busy times to increase the chance of engagement.

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