You have done so much of the hard work in marketing your business. You have taken the rejection on the chin from estate agents, letting agents and landlords. You have pushed through and have now found your first potential deal and its direct to landlord. Its all verbal so far and now you need to put the offer in writing. But now is the crunch time whereby so much of that work can drop to bits unless you properly, and professionally, structure and clearly set out the offer in writing.

I’ve always believed in setting out an offer very clearly showing that we have a clear understanding of the seller’s situation and why, and how, we can help them. Then from that I like to be transparent in how I have structured the offer I have. How I have arrived at the monthly fee, noting is this based on the mortgage fee or calculated through expected income less costs. How I have arrived at the purchase price. Finally how long the proposed term is and why that duration is being offered.

I believe that this helps in many ways.

1. Because it is likely that the seller will show another person, perhaps a life partner, business partner, or close friend. If the offer isn’t clear then that will likely lead to questions which in turn will lead to doubt between them.
2. Sometimes the seller isn’t ready to move forward. I have had people come back to me months on from sending an offer because they became more motivated the longer the property remained unsold. To be able to go back on the deal after some time ad understand the offer is very important.
3. Because you should also be clear, professional, and transparent in your offerings. This is good practice.

This is a practice that I very much insist on in my property business and a practice that I teach our mentees.

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