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Is your focus on cashflow during these worrying times?

It is bad cashflow that throttles business. In these uncertain times controlling your cashflow has never been more important than it is now.

SA Operators and COVID-19

For SA Operators, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) presents numerous “duty of care” and economic issues that need to be considered. Here we look at the main issues to bear in mind.

The Importance of Operational Systems in Serviced Accommodation Businesses

Forget Checklists - Embrace Apps! Waaaaaayyyyyyy back before we properly systemised our operations our team received this communication from a guest. I'm thoroughly ashamed to say that this was left by two of our housekeepers for a family who travelled to stay with us...

Income from property isn’t all about monthly cashflow

Looking at the bigger picture of Lease Options and how the equity over the term in a property is the real carrot on the stick – and not necessarily the monthly income.

Our First Property Purchase Lease Option Plan

Our first Lease Option deal I recall sourcing and closing on my very first Lease Option deal. I’d learned a number of strategies to be able to source these deals but had received a fair amount of rejection from estate agents and letting agents. But it wasn’t until I...

Qualified Teacher On Board

Did you know….? Did you know that along with holding a BSc Psychology (Hons) (BPS Accredited) First Class…….Amanda is a qualified adult teacher with a Certificate for Further Education Teaching (7407) City & Guilds and has many years experience teaching and...


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