The Short Stay Syndicate

The short stay syndicate

Amanda and I have been teaching property and serviced accommodation now for over four years. We’ve traveled up and down the country and listened to what people have to say both in-person and online.

We have found that there is a huge gap in the property education sector for affordable, easy access, quality mentoring to help people get from where they are now, to where they want to be.

As such we have designed a brand new form of mentoring which incorporates face to face Workshops, face to face Zoom calls, 121 strategy call, private member-only Facebook lives, daily support and accountability, and a huge volume of easy access, easy to follow, home study material to consume at the members own pace.

As such we have just launched The Short Stay Syndicate.

We have an introductory offer of £67 plus vat per month or a one-off upfront payment of £600 plus vat.

And here is another thing. The face to face interaction and the daily support is Amanda and I. Not someone else. We teach you.

If you are considering the serviced accommodation business as a way to start an exciting new business, or if you are landlord fed up of being clobbered by the Government, or if you are an existing serviced accordion provider and want to improve or scale your operation then The Short Stay Syndicate is for you.

Just drop me a quick note and I’m very happy to jump on a free 20 minute consultation call to explain more and establish if this is for you.

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