Did you know….?

Did you know that along with holding a BSc Psychology (Hons) (BPS Accredited) First Class…….Amanda is a qualified adult teacher with a Certificate for Further Education Teaching (7407) City & Guilds and has many years experience teaching and lecturing adults in institutes of further and higher education.

This matters to us as trainers when we are delivering to delegates who come to learn from us. Perhaps more importantly though, when we spend time with our Inner Circle mentees who have worked closely with us for at least six months – we have to know how to teach.

The Skill of Teaching

Sadly we know all too well that many people come into the ‘expert’ education sector as trainers having no past teaching experience or training. For some reason the skill of teaching seems to be forgotten about  in the sector which is just ridiculous.

I myself don’t have a teaching qualification, I have 25 years plus of management experience, but I’m constantly learning from Amanda who is a quite brilliant teacher.

Thanks for reading.

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