Remote Workers / Virtual Assistants

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Accounting, Administration, Advice, All Articles, Staffing

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When I learnt to source creative property deals I was encouraged to find a virtual assistant who could take on a lot of the day to day operations whilst I concentrated on the money jobs in the business.

We encourage our coaching clients to do the same. I don’t really want them scraping data, filling spreadsheet, populating the CRM, sending mail shots etc when they can outsource such tasks and free them to be relationship building, brand building, structuring deals, closing deals, and getting money in the bank.

However, finding a reliable operative who will do what you ask, do it properly, and in good time can be a challenge.
I worry that people learning to source think that because these tasks are fairly simple, and low cost, that they aren’t important so it doesn’t really matter too much if they do a good job or not…
The fact is if you are getting a VA to scrape data and send enquiries then it’s CRUCIAL that the job is done properly and on time.

If the enquiries aren’t going out then how are you going to generate any leads? If you don’t generate any leads then you aren’t going to convert any deals. If you don’t convert any deals then there is no money going in the bank. Business fails.

So I can’t stress how important the selection of the right person is to the success of your young business.
Having spoken to many people the problems that people usually encounter with overseas VAs are:
i) commitment to work to a deadline
ii) the language barrier
iii) the time difference
iv) the lack of local knowledge
v) periods of no communication
vi) disappearing indefinitely without notice
The ladies character next to mine below is Anna who has been with me from pretty much day one.

Anna is fantastic and we have enjoyed a mutually beneficial business relationship for some time now.
As our business has grown so has the work I have asked Anna to undertake for me. At the moment she is working on some marketing tasks for the serviced accommodation business. When she started she was just scraping data for me for the sourcing business.

The reason that I believe our relationship has worked is because I was very selective in choosing who I wanted to work with.

Anna is based in Montenegro and has a Masters in the English Language. She is a very clever person, in fact Amanda says that Anna is better at the English language then me lol.
So why has this succeeded…?
Since the start I took the time to explain what we do and furnished her with training videos and real time explanations and support.

I don’t set unrealistic targets and I communicate with her on a daily basis. In return she produces first class work and it’s on time. If there is reason for delay then she communicates with me. If I know that there will be a delay then I can deal.

Another reason for our success was that before I took on a virtual assistant I did all the operations myself. I understood what the job entailed so that I knew exactly what she would be doing, how long tasks should take, and how I could best support her.
I’ve seen guys taking on VAs never having done the work themselves. I think this is very wrong and is very liable to failure.

VAs can be a fabulous asset to your business and your time but like everything you have to put some effort in to get it right.