I often ask the question when doing one-day events to new people thinking about property and serviced accommodation – what does financial freedom mean to you?

I generally get a range of answers like choice, flexibility, freedom to travel, living life on my terms, sack the boss etc…

For me and Amanda and it was being able to relocate to Farm Fernley on top of the Pennines and to know that we didn’t have to be in a certain place, at a certain time, every day of the week, and never be answerable to an employer again.

I often share some photographs of when we got stuck up here when the Beast from the East hit. We were stuck for four days. But it didn’t matter, we had a business that could run and make money without us.

That to us is financial freedom and it means everything.

So, I was more than delighted when I got tagged into the post by our mentee Kremena a couple of days ago. Please have a read.
A mum, wife, and business woman, with zero experience of the serviced accommodation business. She kicked off in February this year with us, built a business, and is now enjoying life with her family overseas for a couple of months whilst her business runs and brings her money in.


I LOVE this.

It can be done. You have to decide, focus, then do it.

Well done Kremena.

Kremena Testimonial