If you newer guys aren’t thinking about your brand already then you need to be.

There becomes a point whereby hunting for business and trying to lever doors opens switches to business coming to you.

It happened with us and I’ve seen it time and time again with guys we teach. That is where you need to get to as soon as possible.

But you need to do yourselves a favour and start thinking about brand NOW.

What You Need To Be Doing…

You need to be partaking in online networking, and face to face networking.

You need to be partaking in discussion. Every day.

You need to be putting out discussion and content.

You need to be putting out text, film and video on the various social media platforms.

You need social proof by posting across the platforms.

You need a decent content filled website.

You need to be consistent.

People want to do business with people. Get yourselves known.

It’s such a big subject I’m going to do a few videos over the next week or two on our YT channel.


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