How do we find landlords?

There are many ways in which you can source your properties direct to Landlord and the benefits of going direct to Landlords are that you are cutting the letting agent out of the equation which can often be a barrier to getting to the actual decision maker themselves – the Landlord.

So how do we contact with Landlords? These are a few methods:

Live networking events

You will find live networking events in pretty much every city, and many larger towns, throughout the UK. These are a great place to meet Landlords and speak with them about taking on their property through a R2R or R2SA, or discussing the option of working together on a joint venture basis. A huge plus being that the Landlords at property networking events will have almost for certain heard about the strategies you are looking for.

Direct mail

A great way to contact the Landlord direct. If you are looking for HMO property then a very simple way of finding existing HMO Landlords is through the local authority list of licensed HMOs and the owners. This means that you can write and express your interest in speaking with them with a view to taking on their properties. If you are looking for property for serviced accommodation then you can send a letter direct to the property being let in the hope that the owner will open the letter and contact you.

Leaflets/postcards/letter drop

I would suggest always having a selection of leaflets, postcards, and pre written letters with you when you are out and about. When you see a property up for rent pop one through the door expressing your immediate interest and give your name and phone number. If you are more serious about sourcing property (you may be a sourcer) then you may decide to target a large number of properties at once. Of course there is cost/time commitment to doing this but it can have positive results.

Gumtree/Viva Street/Preloved

Often Landlords who market and manage their own properties will use these online platforms to advertise for tenants. If you search for property for rent in your desired area you can filter out the properties that are advertised through letting agents. You will be left with the Landlords. You then have two options of communication. You can message them direct and/or you can call them.

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